Ditch Friction.

Modern financing made simple leveraging an embedded financial services platform for digital, point-of-need lending and real-time payments.
A Turnkey Consumer Lending Platform
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Consumer Lending At The Point-Of-Need


Financial institutions can participate in point-of-need financing by using a platform that takes the guesswork out of vetting new deals. Our product brings the right loan requests straight to them. As a portfolio distribution partner, financial institutions can reduce legacy technical debt and customer acquisition costs traditionally involved with consumer lending.


Artis takes care of the consumer, intuitively connecting them with multiple, unbiased financing offers.
We simplify consumer financing, and make instant funding a reality for local merchants.


Our platform enables merchants to offer diverse financing options direct to the consumer via a mobile-first, point-of-need experience. Merchants can use our digital self-service portal to request real-time payments from consumers to improve cash cycles.

API Driven Lending Platform
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Robust Data Analytics with AI and Machine Learning

Fraud Decisioning & Identity Verification

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Realtime Closed-loop Payments

Integrated Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance

About Us

Our Vision

Artis is all about taking care of people with inclusive and accessible financing, achieved through smarter, faster decisions. The combination of point-of-need lending, real-time payments and true AI and automation removes friction throughout the entire consumer loan process, and exchanges it for a simple, transparent and friendly experience.

Our Business

Artis Technologies is in the business of building technology that will do good. Its platform enables merchants to offer consumers the right financing they need in the moment, backed by a financial institution willing and ready to finance that need.

Our People

Built by data scientists, product strategists, and serial entrepreneurs, Artis Technologies’ founders have relied on their own experiences to bring the human element – the borrower’s need – back to consumer lending. Our team includes over 50 years of experience in Fintech, Banking, Consumer Lending and Technology startups.